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In Transit

Starting this March, for 22 weekends until July, 7 Line  will be cut between Manhattan and Queens for construction. The MTA's decision not to provide shuttle service between the two boroughs may impact Long Island City businesses.

LIC businesses battle the effects of unlucky number 7

The MTA has begun weekend construction on the 7 Line that will last until late summer, and Queens business owners think that the resulting service disruptions will keep customers away.

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Earning a Living

Joris Luijke, vice president of human resources at Squarespace, helped launch the company's latest hiring campaign. The program, called "Be A Part Of It," is based on his own experience in moving to New York a few months ago. (Photo by Jacob Passy)

New York for sale: Behind Squarespace’s hiring campaign

In an effort to boost hiring, tech firm Squarespace has launched a new campaign that flies top applicants to the Big Apple. But will giving away free vacations really get Squarespace the results it wants?

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In the Neighborhood

The crowds at Super Bowl Boulevard were joined by a major police presence, part of the NYPD's effort to keep football fans safe for Super Bowl Sunday.

The Super Bowl’s a safe bet, right?

As sporting events like the Sochi Olympics continue to attract terrorist threats, how safe will fans be this Super Bowl Sunday?

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