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Earning a Living, In the Neighborhood

NYC intern protection law one of few across nation

NYC intern protection law one of few across nation

NYC interns are now protected from sexual harassment and discrimination. But the new law is one of the few in the nation.

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Earning a Living

New York Times to pay academic interns minimum wage

New York Times to pay academic interns minimum wage

The change comes shortly after the publisher was criticized for a listing for an unpaid student internship.

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Earning a Living

Students walk by a New York University building on March 9. (Credit: Rachael Levy)

Two universities shift away from unpaid internships

New York University and Columbia University have changed their policies on unpaid internships.

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In the Neighborhood

Masbia's head chef Ruben Diaz and executive director Alexander Rapaport plan upcoming meals at Masbia kosher soup kitchen in Brooklyn. (Credit: Rachael Levy)

More Jewish than most: a Colombian kosher chef

Ruben Diaz didn’t know many Jews while growing up in Colombia. Now he heads a kosher soup kitchen in Brooklyn.

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In the Neighborhood

Chef Ruben Diaz (left) and Alexander Rapaport prepare hot meals at Masbia soup kitchen in Flatbush.

City food kitchens brace for more food stamp cuts

Food pantries are expecting more visitors after Congress passed in early February the long-debated Farm Bill, which includes additional food stamp cuts that will go into effect later this year.

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In the Neighborhood

Joseph Diaby eats a hot meal at the New York City Rescue Mission in Manhattan on Jan. 29.

As temperatures drop, city shelters pack in homeless

New York City shelters are taking in more homeless people — sometimes over capacity — as severe weather freezes the city.

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